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All of our books are available as E-Books and Paperbacks.

All paperback dimensions are 8.5" x 8.5" except 'The Alphabet Challenge' which is 8.5" x 11"
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Magic carpet  


Dinosaur and Monster and The Magic Carpet To download your preferred format- Click here

This is the first adventure of our two hero's Dinosaur and Monster. They will be getting into many more mad capers in the future.

This time out the two lovable characters, to their delight, chance upon a magic carpet and have great fun putting their amazing find through its paces.
3 - 8 yrs
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Dinosaur and Monster and The End of The Rainbow.

This book is exclusively available to members of our Readers Group.To join for free and get instant access to this book- Click here

In this story our 'Dynamic Duo' are intriged by a rainbow which appears after a heavy shower and they decide to go in search of the legendary pot of gold!

3 - 8yrs Click on image to preview

man in the moon  

Dinosaur and Monster and The Man in The Moon.

The 3rd in The Dinosaur and Monster stories. On noticing how big The Moon was one evening, the intrepid duo set out to see if they can reach The Moon. After some daft attempts by Monster it's Dino who has the cunning plan to use balloons and a chair and away they both go!!

3 - 8yrs

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Little Mermaid and Salvador Swordfish.

Miranda is a very brave little mermaid and when she see's the bully Sydney shark trying to steal Colin the Coachman's sandwiches she has no hesitation in confronting Sydney even though he is much bigger than her. Fortunately Miranda has has some pretty big friends too.

3 - 8yrs

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Craig front cover  

Craig The Caterpillar Who Wanted To Fly

This is the tale of Craig the caterpillar who finds the daily struggle of getting to his favourite leaves such an effort and looks on wistfully at all the birds and insects around him that can fly, especially Belinda Butterfly whom Craig has so much admiration for. 
Then of course much to Craig's amazement and delight a transformation occurs.

3 - 8yrs

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Man in The Moon  

Inspector Mole and The Case of The Missing Cheese.

We all know there can be a lot of skulduggery in the land of make believe, but in our world there is always Inspector Mole who can come to the rescue.

This time it is Mrs. Weasel whose piece of delicious cheese has gone missing! There's only one person to call- Inspector Mole!!

3 - 8yrs

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all about animals  

The Alphabet Challenge Book is a fun but
educational book aimed at 5 - 10 year olds.
A book for children that are becoming
proficient in the reading process and are
eager to learn.

Each story focuses on the particular letter eg. The "A" story has many words beginning with the letter "A" and so on, we have deliberately included some challanging words and feel it is a very useful aid in the learning process.

Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" .....64 pages + cover (from print edition) .....ages 5 - 10
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all about animals  

Bernie Bumble Bee Has Lost His Buzz!!

The charming little story of triumph over adversity as our hero Bernie mistakenly believes that he has lost his buzz and the ensuing adventure as he asks his friends for help.

.3 - 8 yrs

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Alligator and The Briefcase

The first in The Red Alligator Series.

The Little Red Alligator is Sammy's special friend. He is special because the only person who can see him is Sammy.To everyone else he is invisible. Because he is invisible he can get up to all sorts of mischief without anybody noticing.....

3 - 8 yrs

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alligator and the briefcase  



Alligator in The Bath
The second in The Red Alligator Series.

In this episode the mischievous Little Red Alligator, who has been having great fun splashing and playing with Sammy and Duck and of course Cledwin and Clarissa the two friendly bath time dragons, then goes missing! Where can he be??

3 to 8 yrs
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Frog who  

A cautionary tale of what can happen if you don't eat your dinner!

Coming Soon!!

sargent liversausage  

Sargent Sausage is very important and knows all about how to eat healthily and the benefts of a balanced diet for kids.

Coming Soon!!