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True Story

Many moons ago when Simon and Suzanne were still at school they were buddies and they would hang out together and do stuff, they were good friends, then somehow when they got older they seemed to go their seperate ways and then they lost contact with each other, the way you do sometimes.

Anyway off they went and Simon became an illustrator and designer and Suzanne became a photographer and she wrote some children's stories which is important to our story because after many years they met up again and they found they were still good friends and decided to keep in touch and what's more they had an idea to write some more books where Simon could use his skills and Suzanne could use hers and that my friends is what happened and so was born 'The Sparkly Picture Book Company' and after many months of hard work drawing and writing and a good few books to show for their efforts, there they were, all ready to go to market and the rest as they say is history.


  felicity and iggy


Our Aims and Goals at The Sparkly Picture Book Company

Together Simon and Suzanne want to provide a great reading experience for parents and their children, great care has been taken in selecting projects which they hope will deliver just that, a great amount of work and effort has gone into the titles now available and they hope that the varied selection means there will be something to suit everybodies tastes.

In the coming months more titles are on the way. It is a case of waiting to see which books prove most popular and then working to provide the kind of titles our valued readers enjoy so that The Sparkly Picture Book Company can continue to deliver great quaity books at affordable prices.

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"Suzanne Pollen and Simon Culverhouse are a children's book writing team. Suzanne is the author and Simon is the illustrator and their combined efforts create exceptional books for children - and adults with young minds!.....
......This is a beautifully written and illustrated story with some good morals and lessons, The language makes the strong story even more musical. A very solid little book, this. Highly Recommended."

Grady Harp, Hall of Fame- Amazon Top 100 Reviewer- Vine Voice    Click here to read full review.

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